Troubleshooting Tips For Actors!

This one is fairly straightforward — try to get as close to your WiFi router as possible (preferably in the same room). WiFi (especially 5G) does not travel well through walls when sending live video, so it’s really important to be in the same room with your router. We know this may mean abandoning your backdrop or your preferred lighting. It’s more important that we can see you clearly!

Sometimes the 4G or 5G signal from your phone carrier is better for our app than your in home WiFi. Simply access the WiFi button on your phone (for iPhone you can access this button by swiping down from the top right corner) and turn your WiFi off.

Sometimes your WiFi router has been running for months and needs to be reset to resume sending good speeds. Simply unplug your WiFi Router and your Modem and plug them back in after 10 seconds. 

If you haven’t rebooted your phone in a while and your running every app in the App Store, you can try quitting out of everything other than Hey Joe to see if this improves performance. On an iPhone simply swipe up slightly to reveal all open apps, and then start closing them.

If none of these tips work, please try to connect from your laptop or desktop computer. The link to the virtual lobby that was sent to you via SMS and email after you checked in is the same link you can use to connect from your laptop.  

Still have questions?

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