Our Products

Hey Joe for Casting

Remote Auditioning Software and web app

The first remote auditioning platform custom built for multi-party collaboration!
Allows clients to join from a web app, collaborate on images and recordings and have private, side-bar conversations…just as if you were in the room together. Talent joins from a one-click, secure iOS or Android app. We can manage everything from remote check-in, through auditioning and recording and posting of the clips.

Hey Joe for Shooting

Zero Latency Livestreaming and video chat web app

We have spent months perfecting our web app so that you never have to travel to another shoot again. VIew a livestream from one or more cameras with ZERO latency while video chatting with your colleagues and collaborating on important documents.

TheWaitingRoom Check-In Software

The Waiting Room is a unique check in system for a post-Covid world designed by Casting professionals to facilitate contact-less check in.

TheWaitingRoom features:

• Mobile Sign Up from the user device

• SMS notifications to manage your waiting room capacity

• SMS queries to check position in line 

• Simple, intuitive admin interface for calling the next appointment

Learn more at inthewaitingroom.com