Video Village FAQ

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Normally our team will work directly with your VTR operator or DIT to make sure your location has the capabilities to facilitate HD remote livestreaming.  Once the technical details are worked out, we usually schedule a 15 minute test call the day before the shoot to make sure that all clients are able to access our web app and view the stream and video chat windows.

The clients will enter a web app that includes zero-latency livestream, Zoom-style video chat, and document collaboration. Usually clients mute their audio and video in the video chat while the camera is rolling and unmute between set ups to discuss and collaborate.

Anyone with the URL can sign up for an account and sign in to the Video Village. We recommend using Chrome on a laptop of desktop computer for best results. We also have a Video Village iOS app coming soon. For now, anyone on a mobile device can view the livestraem and dial into the video chat via voice only phone.

The video chat is automatically connected once the client logs into the page. It’s possible to hang up from the chat and still stay on the page to watch the shoot. We can cover how to do this during the test call.

We have transmitted up to 4 cameras for a shoot. We can cover the best practices for viewing multi-cam shoots on the test call.

Our rate includes 10 hours of dedicated tech support with a technician connected to the conference. We are available after 10 hours by phone. Normally any connection issues that come up occur first thing in the morning or directly after lunch.

We don’t charge overtime after 10 hours, but if you would like to have the tech stay on after 10 hours, we charge $75/hr.

Notes can be delivered directly to the producer over the video chat module, or you can create a break-out room for the director and producer and give notes in that separate room.

Your tech can post storyboards and images right before or during the shoot, or you can email them to us the day before to post to your page.

Nobody without your secure link can access video village. Users also need to create an account or login with Google to access the link. Once accessed, we can also remove any unwanted participants from the app. Your livestream is also encrypted to prevent unwanted snooping.

Occassionally, if bandwidth on set is temporarily limited, the feed will become pixellated or drop completely. The tech monitoring your feed will normally notice when this happens and work with your VTR tech to re-establish the connection. In the meantime, the video chat will remain live so that you can continue discussing the project.

We have accepted same day bookings. We usually have techs on standby to support your last minute needs. Bookings made at least 2 days in advance are preferable to ensure the best possible experience.

Yes, we can support night shoots. We have techs located in ET, CT, and PT time zones to support various start and end times.

Yes, we can support shoots anywhere in the world. So far we’ve worked on projects in all US timezones, Canada, and The Bahamas.

Each video chat room can support up to 30 participants. Please let us know if you require support for more participants and we will work it out for you. We don’t charge extra for different numbers of participants. 

Yes, we can crate up to 3 breakout rooms for your project and show your users how to move between them.